By Unknown - February 03, 2015

FEAR! A damn words. Every single people in the whole world must have "this word one" in their self. Otherwise, in the bottom of their heart, they must have it. See? The picture  above? That’s absolutely right, if you have a fear, it’s like you get into a PRISON.  With a fear, you can’t reach what do you want to reach, you can’t do what do you want to do. It makes people confusing, even frustating.  But, what is exactly a fear  is? I THINK it’s like a A DOOR OF NEW NEIGHBOUR. Why? Before we come, we must imagine many things that dominaly bad thoughts. We thought, what is our neighbour look like? are they kind? are they nice? are they opened? Or..  they freak? They arrogant? Or perhaps they scary?. Many thoughts in our mind, but for truly, of course we’ll don’t know until we meet with the neighbour. The simple thing you must do is just stand infront of their house, and make your hand to knock their door sometimes, until you hear someone answer and let you to come in. If they nice, you can enter, and if they not, you can go. The decision is in your hand in the last. So that’s my image about A FEAR.

                So what should we do with our fear?



            I know it’s easy to speak, but hard to do it. But that's the only thing we must do, if we won’t our fair control us. If you meet a fear, FACE IT. if you know fear, MAKE IT YOUR FRIENDS. The important thing is DON’T LET THE FEAR CONTROL YOUR SELF. Like destroy a wall, just hit your fear, and make it succumb to you.

                Remember! FEAR can take away your dream. And make your dream just like a wind in the afternoon.  Like what am i doing right now, i am talking to my self “ Hey you FEAR, just go away from my self, get out of my heart, you can’t get me, you can’t!”  yeaah like that~

                Allright, that’s all for now, see yaa :)

`Hilyah Nafisah

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